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Living in the mountains...the luxury of tranquility

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

I was looking out the windows as I was preparing the Open House for my client's newly completed Holiday Home Chalet No.2 luxury ski chalet in the Italian ski resort Limone when the thought entered my mind...tranquility is a luxury.

The Essence of Luxury

Most people tend to think of luxury as an extravagant and expensive material item that provides the ultimate comfort on every level.

A feeling of privileged decadence that is only available to a fortunate few. Where everything is provided to you and you sit back and just enjoy without a care in the word. And while this is a true aspect of luxury, the essence of luxury is the feeling of security, freedom and tranquility.

When a home or car offers a luxury design, it means all the aspects of usage, style and comfort have been meticulously thought about out and constructed.

The higher the level of design the more luxurious it is.

Tranquility of being

As most people get caught up in the deluge of business and stress of daily living, we often forget about our well being. For some, stress levels run so high that it becomes a chronic state of being. This is why more and more people are heading to the hills and mountains for the respite and relaxation of living in a place that is naturally wired for tranquility.

The quiet, the enormity of the mountains under a blanket of an expansive sky and the sound of the wind as it dances through the trees naturally raises our awareness away from our logical reptilian brain and to the environment.

It is in this shift that the body and mind relax and the state of tranquility sets in. And this moment of blissful ease and wellbeing is what makes tranquility a luxury.

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