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About me

I am a native Californian from Los Angeles and San Diego. My journey took me from wild tech start-up days in San Francisco to the jungles of Costa Rica, then across the Atlantic to the sunny Mediterranean coast of the French Riviera.

I have been an active 

journalist/communicator for positive change for the last 20 years. In Costa Rica I published a bi-lingual English/Spanish

newspaper lasting 18 years.

I have also had the pleasure of co-authoring ONE Wellness Guide with 22 other global wellness experts and surprisingly it became an Amazon bestseller.

As a Certified Meditation and Mindfulness teacher, Breathwork instructor, and Spiritual Practioner, I help my clients gain a higher awareness of themselves and their organizations through mindful

Conscious-based practices.


Conscious awareness is one of the most important skills you can have today as it lays the foundation for emotional agility, positive mental health, and healthy relationships with yourself and others.


I actively promote conscious awareness as a Senior Executive Contributor for BRAINZ magazine in mindful leadership, personal development, and positive mindset,

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