Originally a native California girl from Los Angeles and San Diego,  the last 20 years of my journey took me from the infancy stage of the original dotcom boom in San Francisco, to the jungles of Costa Rica, then across the Atlantic to the glitzy Mediterranean coast of the French Riviera.

My wild content writing days at a tech startup, to publishing a bilingual newspaper (Tamarindo News in print since 2003) and environmental activism, have led me to international marketing, media and mindset coaching serving the French Riviera and Monaco.

As a global citizen, I am passionate about understanding and working cross-culturally giving me a distinct edge that I bring into my work. Having lived on 3 continents and speaking English, Spanish, French and some basic Italian, serves me well to bring a broader scope to my clients.

My personal time is spent with my children and close friends, cooking, traveling, surfing, on the dance floor, meditating, sweating it out at bikram yoga and on local hiking trails.

Of course sharing a crisp glass of champagne is always nice too!